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“Effectiveness is simply defined as doing the right things well”, Peter Drucker

The managers were meeting as a team to review their employees for the previous year with their management peers, their boss (Director level) and their bosses boss (Vice President) along, with a senior level HR leader. It was arguably the

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How to create a strong sales management team from your sales team

As I drove home I came to the realization that the first sales manager I ever hired was failing. Eight months after his start date it became evident to me, and to him, that he was not succeeding in the

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Crisis and the Sharp Edges of Leadership

I looked at the email asking me to meet with my manager and his manager Sunday night at the hotel where the Western Zone Sales meeting would begin the next morning. This was the first of three sales meetings in

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Sales Leadership: Hang up the Phone

It was a hot day, early, about 10 am and the heat was already above 90 degrees. The kind of sweltering heat common in central Texas in August. Years before cell phones and voicemail, I pulled over and was at

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A Dozen Essential Books for Business Leaders

Learning is a key pillar of successful people. Of the many ways to learn, reading allows for a passive introduction to new thinking. It spurs creativity and invites you to think and act for the better—differently. There are tactical, near-term

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