You’ve mastered the art of the start. Successfully navigated the unpredictable shifts of an increasingly global market. You’ve carefully defined your goals and your targets. Now it’s time to place your trust in not only the value of your products and services but also your capacity as a growing organization to accomplish just about anything.

Whether seeking to reduce turnover or create a culture of collaboration and accountability, Steve Blanc helps clients develop a robust strategic commercial plan to support the goals and objectives of the company. On this foundation he then works with clients tactically to develop a sales organization that can deliver sustainable and predictable results. Capitalizing on the advantages of being small, agile and flexible, Steve consistently succeeds at helping companies make timely decisions and develop skills, talents and strategies that drive tremendous business growth, recognize new market opportunities, increase customer loyalty and foster high-quality sales retention.

Leadership Development and Succession Planning

Within a constantly shifting workforce, and one that includes a large population of Baby Boomers planning for retirement, it is critical for a small organization to have a comprehensive leadership development and succession planning process that effectively evaluates, identifies and develops decisive leaders for the present as well as the future. In 25 years of management, Steve has never had a regrettable resignation from a direct report, ever!. He has the innate ability to identify, develop and help companies keep talented people, as well as help them see a future within the company and stay. As an expert in leadership development, Steve can help build your growing company by aligning mission critical goals and objectives with each individual’s motivation and desire to win—and lead—while upholding the highest levels of integrity.


Team Assessment and organizational Development

Teamwork and collaboration have a dramatic affect on organizational performance. Understanding and distinguishing individual team members’ strengths and weaknesses have a tremendous impact on growing revenue and increasing profit margins within a small company. By leveraging and replicating strengths, Steve assesses team structures and alignment to individual capabilities and company goals, which ultimately drives successful outcomes in achieving company goals and improving overall performance.

Variable Compensation Plans

Compensation is one piece of the reward system that significantly helps or hurts margins within the company. Steve views variable compensation as an investment leverage for company and employee success. Taking into consideration important factors such as company strategy, incremental profitability and the sales plan, he has the ability to construct simple, easy-to-administer compensation plans that will benefit your entire company.

Hiring Process

Company leaders often view the best sales professional as the next likely manager or gamble on outside managers, only to find they are toxic to the sales team and the company. Taking gambles hiring on loose criteria often results in missed opportunities for increased productivity and revenue and, at worst, can derail a company. These are common missteps causing companies to stumble. Rather than roll the dice, Steve can help you create a thoughtful hiring selection process that focuses on not only using past behavior as the best predictor of future success but also key competencies needed for each job, matching the right profiles to the right opportunities to increase your company’s growth in existing and new markets.

Customer Loyalty

A recent survey of 6000 customers conducted by the CEB, a leading business research and best practices company, revealed that a positive sales experience contributed 53% percent to customer loyalty, confirming a long-held belief that there’s nothing more important for driving company growth than creating a distinct and differentiated positive sales experience. Augmenting the traditional sales approach, Steve incorporates innovative ideas for obtaining valuable information about your customers’ needs with superior sales training in order build confidence, trust, loyalty and a competitive edge.

Capital Equipment and Recurring Revenue Sales

For a company selling large ticket transactional equipment or projects, understanding the dynamics and different selling approaches each requires, is critical to maintaining recurring revenue streams and profitability. With firsthand experience, Steve will customize an approach that not only defines the interaction of the two, and shows you how to successfully transition between them.

Sales Manager Coaching and Training

Often, companies regard sales manager coaching as an event rather than a process, yet countless surveys indicate what experienced sales professionals like Steve already know: sales professionals don’t leave companies; they leave managers. Learning early in his career how to coach and develop high-performing managers, Steve can help you understand this essential process and how it relates to a sales professional’s loyalty, performance and longevity. A certified trainer in the Challenger Sales Model™, he has trained hundreds of sales professionals and managers and understands the dynamics of coaching and performance management for results. With experience in multiple sales methodologies, Steve can help coach and train your sales managers to improve sales professional performance, as well as retention.

Performance Management

Does your company foster a culture of accountability and performance? More important, are you measuring results? While most leaders understand the importance of employee engagement, many find it challenging to measure and connect its” impact to financial results. With a keen understanding of metrics, the heart of the accountability process, Steve can help your company transition to a high-performing workforce that is aligned with activities that matter most.

Partner/Distribution Models

Sometimes it is difficult for a company to gauge whether the right approach to growth is direct sales, a partner distribution model or a combination of both. Steve, who has successfully implemented multiple approaches that resulted in increased sales by 500 percent and profitability by 30 percent, has firsthand experience leading the development of the right approach. With his expertise Steve can help you sift through the important questions, showing you how to use the answers as building blocks to create complimentary sales structures and agreements.

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