Taking Your Business

CEO's have characterized Steve Blanc as a leader who can get sales professionals to jump off a cliff and believe they can fly. It’s an accurate metaphor that deftly reflects his remarkable ability to recognize in others what they themselves are often unable to see.

Why Steve


Since 1979, Steve Blanc has been at the forefront of developing and implementing customized processes, which produce lucrative revenue streams and operational enhancements that transform adversity and uncertainty into opportunity and advantage.

Throughout a successful three decade plus tenure, Steve consistently achieved unprecedented results in multiple sales, marketing and general management roles while successfully leading both domestic and international sales teams. He progressed to the highest level of executive sales responsibility within the multi-billion dollar life sciences diagnostic company, Beckman Coulter. Steve has a demonstrated passion to help small companies reach beyond the space of simply enduring. He accomplishes this on a solid foundation of trust and successful outcomes.

Steve is a strategic and tactical expert in leading sales teams and driving company growth. At the top of his accomplishments in 25 years of successfully managing and mentoring highly capable men and women are those who have advanced to executive level positions in strong companies such as Thermo, General Electric and the American Red Cross, including his own successor at Beckman Coulter.

With a strong commitment to civic engagement and a desire to give back to his community, Steve is also a Success Coach for Working Wardrobes, an Ambassador for Second Harvest Food Bank in Orange County and a “Big Brother” as well as a member of the Board of Directors for the Orange County Chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Contact Steve to learn more about his guaranteed and customized approach to bringing discipline and professionalism to your commercial strategy. As an expert in strategic planning, account planning, sales structure, team effectiveness, variable compensation plans, revenue and profit growth, customer centricity, marketing and sales alignment, metrics, forecasting, performance management, sales training, talent retention, coaching and change management, Steve can help your organization transition seamlessly from a small company to a big business.

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